Ipswich Assist has a compassionate team who will meet with you when crisis hits and assess the best way to help. It might be as simple as providing a parcel of food, or organising to help you out with some expenses , or some help with petrol. We may feel that there is another organisation that can also help and we will refer you there.
Our offices are open to provide Emergency Relief each Tuesday. Appointments are essential. To make an appointment ring our office on 3413 1070 any Monday
Ipswich Assist offers short term, no cost, counselling for people who have accessed other services of Ipswich Assist.
If Ipswich Assist is not able to meet your immediate needs, you may wish to try one of the other support agencies in Ipswich:
Centrelink is a strong source of support and we encourage you to get in contact with them.


Ipswich Assist is linked with Central Church Ipswich