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Emergency Relief

Each Tuesday, Ipswich Assist opens its doors to those in need. One of our many compassionate volunteers will spend some time with each client, getting to know the person and their needs. The volunteer will then determine the services that we can provide to best benefit the client. Currently, we are able to provide food each week. We also have a limited supply of pharmacy vouchers, fuel vouchers, St Paul’s vouchers and are able to make part payments of $50 towards one bill. In 2019, we have had an average of 19 appointments each Tuesday providing food and assistance to at least 70 adults and children each week.


We provide counselling services to better understand the underlying causes of our clients situation. We understand that the people visiting Ipswich Assist are often at their lowest point, struggling with financial, health and family crisis. Through short term, no cost counselling, we are able to provide emotional support for our clients with the aim of equipping them with the skills necessary to recover from their crisis situation. Counselling services are only available to those who have accessed other services from Ipswich Assist. If you feel that you would benefit from this service or would like more information, please enquire during your Emergency Relief appointment.


In January 2019, Ipswich Assist launched a Gardening Business. The idea behind this business venture is to not only provide emergency relief to individuals but to also form relationships with clients. Initially, through our gardening business, individuals will receive training and mentoring from trained volunteers. This will help the client beyond their immediate crisis situation and enable them to build a healthy relationship with their mentor. We will then aim to equip each client with skills and experience and lead them towards gaining reliable employment.

Looking for a different service, or want more information about emergency relief and support service available in your area? You can find more services and agencies at Ask Izzy.

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