Owing to the generous donations of many, our Emergency Relief program provides year-round assistance in our community. Each emergency relief appointment includes a one-to-one chat with one of our compassionate and caring volunteers, who get to know each person on a personal level, to be able to be as effective as possible in our assistance. Emergency relief appointments not only include food hampers, but they can also include part-payments for bills, pharmacy vouchers, fuel vouchers and clothing vouchers for a local opshop. On average, each month, Ipswich Assist sees around 55 families.


In 2020, Ipswich Assist opened a small store where people in our community could purchased good quality fruit, veg and pantry items at a reduced rate. reSTORE is open each Thursday from 9:00am to 2:00pm and allows families and individuals to fill a $20 or $30 basket with whatever they wish. reSTORE is stocked with a variety of items to choose from, including pantry staples, delicious treats, household cleaning, personal hygiene, meat, and of course, fresh fruit, veg and bread!


Our weekly lunch is held every Wednesday in the Hall located on Gordon Street, next door to the Ipswich Assist Offices. This lunch is for those in our community who are homeless, living in crowded boarding homes, feeling isolated, lonely or just struggling to make ends meet. On average each month, we provide 138 people with a hot meal, and listening ear.


In 2019, Ipswich Assist recognized a need in our community for people seeking work with no recent experience. This program aims to develop transferrable work skills through training and mentoring from trained industry professionals to lead people towards gaining reliable employment. Not only does the gardening and landscaping program equip clients for future employment, it also allows them to build healthy relationships which continue to grow, long after the client has found employment of their own.