Our Impact

Eric's Story

Eric is homeless, and has been for a long time. He comes into our weekly community lunch every Wednesday and enjoys a good meal, hot cuppa and friendly conversation with our staff and volunteers. Eric is living in a tent and has found a safe, secluded space for his tent and belongings near one of the rivers local to Ipswich. Following the recent wet weather, a lot of the area around his tent site has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes! While having a coffee and conversation with Jason [pictured], he mentioned his increasing problem and Jason knew that we had recently received an order of mortein mozzie coils from our friends at Good360 Australia. Jason was able to give Eric a pack of coils to set up near his tent, and Eric can sleep without fear of being eaten alive by tiny insects!

Why have we shared this story with you all? So that you can see how one small, ordinary, everyday item can make a big impact to someone. These mosquito coils are $6 at the local Bunnings, but they’re priceless to Eric, and those in a similar situation.

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Vanessa's Story

Vanessa came to our offices and was visibly stressed, flustered and anxious. She had spent her whole morning trying to find support for her an her baby, as they had been struggling to make ends meet. 

She had a look on the internet to find out where she could get food assistance from, and found out about us. She apologized profusely about not having an appointment and “just showing up”, but we were more than happy to help her out. Vanessa was offered a cup of coffee and our intake volunteers made her feel right at home and assembled a pack of nappies, baby essentials as well as hygiene items in addition to a nice big hamper of food!

Vanessa was so thankful and was overwhelmed by our showing of love and support. She came into reSTORE the following Thursday to say thank you again, and say how comfortable, welcome and loved she felt by all of our volunteers and staff. Vanessa also donated a number of her older baby items, which we were able to give away (20 minutes later!) to a new mum and her 4 week old baby!